Efficacious tumor therapy Preserving quality of life

APO-T is developing molecular therapies for cancer patients.
Our molecules bind unique, truly tumor specific complexes of
MHC-I and MAGE derived peptides.

Company profile

APO-T B.V. was founded in 2011 by dr Ralph Willemsen and JPWaVe B.V. Dr  Willemsen  has  been for many years  investigating  tumor  apoptosis  at  one of the largest academic hospitals in the world, the  Medical  Centre  of  the Erasmus University Rotterdam, and has been focused on the development of the new cancer-specific therapeutic molecules. The founders of APO-T B.V. saw the therapeutic and commercial potential of this technology and knowledge. APO-T B.V. aims to explore the full potential of targeting MHC-I/MAGE-A-peptide complexes, which are shown to be exclusively exposed on the surface of the cancer cells, in order to deliver best-in-class therapeutic molecules for specific and sustainable treatment of cancer.

Since the inception of the company, it is our mission to serve patients with cancer by providing an efficacious specific treatment that preserves quality of life.

Recent news

Meet APO-T at RESI Europe Virtual Conference

APO-T will join RESI Europe Virtual Conference on the 23rd – 25th March 2020. To set up a meeting and learn more about APO-T technology contact dr Marta Kijanka either at marta.kijanka@apo-t.com or through the RESI Europe Virtual Conference partnering system.

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 We devote our knowledge, skills and creativity to development of therapeutics for the treatment of cancer that are not only efficacious and safe, but also have the unique quality of offering the opportunity to counter resistance. 

Marta Kijanka

Project funding


At APO-T we actively collaborate to accelerate the development of our novel therapeutics.
Our projects received funding from a number of grants and as well as governmental innovation credit. 

MKB Innovation Topsector (MIT)

“Effective tumor treatment with sustained quality of life. An innovative ’magic bullet’: from design to clinic”. Completed.


 “Advanced CLEM imaging of antibodies targeting low expressing, clinically relevant cancer targets for the development of Antibody Drug Conjugates”. Completed.

RvO Innovation Credit IK13020

“Development of Antibody Drug Conjugates targeting multi MAGE peptides expressed in context of HLA for the prevention of escape from therapy”. Awarded 2013, ongoing.

KWF Unique
High Risk project

 “Generation of nanobodies binding peptide/MHC-l complexes derived from intracellular tumor markers for targeted therapies”. Awarded 2019, ongoing.

Part of our strategy is to collaborate


Part of our strategy is to collaborate with academic groups and companies in order to accelerate the development of our novel therapeutics.

If you are interested in discussing how we may work together, please contact us:

Visiting Address
Postal address

APO-T B.V., Pivot Park, Industrielaan 63,
5349 AE Oss, Netherlands