APO-T Strategy

The strategy to achieve our goals is based on three main elements:

Cancer Focus

Drugs available in the market today do give some respite to patients but fail to address a number of issues such as side effects and lack or loss of efficacy. Through our unique technologies we aim to secure a strong position in this continuously evolving market.

Focus on innovative specific treatments for cancer

With significant unmet medical need, i.e. cancer specific, patient friendly and geared to deal with escape. Our programs are targeted at cancer and are driven by their potential to replace and/or complement existing products that provide sub-optimal solutions for substantial patient populations.

Validate the therapeutic approach

Our ADCs for treatment of solid tumors are first in line for clinical development. Once entered into phase I/II clinical development, these drug not only validate our capabilities and know how in bringing novel therapeutic molecules to patients, but also validates our therapeutic approach in general as an innovative specific treatment of cancer.

Highlights of our Strategy

Cancer Focus

Focus on cancer specifity and geared to deal wth escape

Patient friendly