Apoptosis Inducing Molecules

Apoptosis Inducing Molecules

Apoptosis Inducing Molecules 1 and 2 (AIM-1 and AIM-2) each comprise six target binding domains linked to each other via flexible linkers.

The binding domain can bind to a MAGE-MHC-1 peptide complex on the tumor cell. This fixates (cross-links) up to six target molecules on the surface of tumor cells which results in a process called programmed cell death (apoptosis). APO-Ts AIM molecules have the following general structure:

AIMs have high tumor specificity and allow effective treatment of cancer patients (including immuno-compromised patients) and prevent or delay escape of tumor cells from treatment. AIM-1 and AIM-2 have been chosen for the indication multiple myeloma.

AIM-1 has already demonstrated effects in reduction of the growth of human melanoma xenografts (in mice), while being well tolerated. We expect to start clinical development (phase I/II) in 2015.

Highlights of AIM

Unique hexamer format

Potent apoptosis inducer

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