Executive Management

Executive Management


Johan Renes, Msc | Chief Executive Officer


Johan Renes (1962; Msc Molecular Biology) joined the management of APO-T at its inception. He has been an advisor to several life science companies (on Intellectual Property, Business Development and Management) from their inception in his capacity as a managing partner at an Intellectual Property Law Firm. Johan has been CEO of Crossbeta Biosciences in 2008-2010. He will devote his time to the overall strategy and general management of APO-T.





Paul Steverink, PhD, MBA | Chief Business Officer


Paul Steverink (1962; DVM, PhD) holds a PhD in immunology and an MBA from Erasmus University with a special focus on corporate finance. Since 2001 he has taken the lead in (financially) structuring several international commercial transactions, in particular transactions with significant intellectual property components. Prior to APO-T, Paul has been CFO of several biotech companies and currently holds supervisory board positions in a number of European biotechs. He devotes his time to the company's finance and business development.






Marta Kijanka, PhD, | Vice-President of R&D


Marta Kijanka (1985; PhD) is a medical biotechnologist by training. In 2010 she joined the Molecular Oncology Group at Utrecht University to work on a project focusing on cancer molecular imaging and therapy using antibody fragments. Marta joined APO-T in August 2015 and devotes her time to the company’s innovative scientific programmes.