Antibody Drug Conjugates

 Antibody Drug Conjugates

Whereas non-targeted drug compounds typically reach their intended target cells via whole-body distribution and passive diffusion or receptor-mediated uptake over the cell membrane, targeted drugs home-in and concentrate mainly at the targeted tissues. Consequently, targeted drugs require smaller dosages while still allowing the drug to reach therapeutically effective levels inside the target cells and thus improve the therapeutic window. This requires the stable and controlled linking of drugs to antibodies while preserving the therapeutic characteristics of the bound drug.

The targeting of drugs via ADCs to our MAGE-HLA target is an attractive means to allow for the therapeutic use of cytotoxic drugs that are in principle less suitable or unsuitable as systemic drugs e.g. for their toxicity profile or poor aqueous solubility. This requires the stable and site-directed coupling of a drug to our antibody.

APO-Ts ADC is in pre-clinical development.

Highlights of our ADC molecules

Tumor specific


Efficient killing

Alternating treatment