Efficacious tumor therapy.

                      Preserving quality of life.

Our goal is to deliver best-in-class therapeutic molecules for specific and sustainable treatment of cancer.

APO-T is a privately owned biopharmaceutical company focusing on the development of new anti-cancer treatments.

Our mission is to serve patients with cancer by providing an efficacious specific treatment that preserves quality of life. Our programs are driven by their potential to replace and/or complement existing products which are associated with side effects and which allow tumors to escape therapy.

Welcome to APO-T.   

Sustainable Treatment of Cancer

In cancer every single treatment becomes less effective as over time the cancer builds up an evasive response.  

APO-T uses its family of markers to deal with the evasive response of the cancer cell by targeting different members of this family when resistance appears.

This creates the unique opportunity of treating cancer for a prolonged period of time  

APO-T develops truly tumor-specific therapies

Present day treatments target tumor cells but also kill normal cells. This is why treatments result in devastating effects on quality of life.

That is why APO-T is dedicated to develop drugs that do not kill normal cells. We have found a way to selectively kill cancer cells via a unique family of cancer cell markers. Normal cells do not have these markers.

This creates the unique opportunity of treating cancer while maintaining quality of life.


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